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Xi’An NO.3 hospital has been built as a large-scaled grade 3Ageneral hospital, funded by the municipal party committee, municipal government, opening in April, 2017. We have many experts and specialists from XiJing hospital, TangDu hospital and other provincial and municipal general hospitals working for Xi’An NO.3 hospital. It is a modern general hospital with medicine, teaching, medical research, rehabilitation, disease prevention, health consulting and health services for visitors from all over the world.

Our hospital is located on the east of FengCheng 3 road, WeiYang district, Xi’an. The total area is 150 acres, including in-building area of 118700㎡. The whole hospital has two areas: outpatient building in east area and inpatient building in the west with approved 1000 beds. Currently there are 27 clinical departments, 9 medical laboratories, 779 staff including 80 with senior titles, 1 with postdoctor’s degree, 13 with doctor’s degree, 147 with master’s degree, 5 PhD candidates and 3 master supervisors.

Our hospital has fully demonstrated the concept of humanization, digitization and modernization, and has created a simple, generous, fresh, elegant, convenient health care environment. The total worth of fixed medical facilities is 200 million yuan RMB, equipped with flash CT, 128s-DSCTCA, 3.0T NMR, 1.5T NMR, DSA, advanced  Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnosis  Voluson-E10, DR, bedside DR and high rated digestive endoscopy, electronic bronchoscope, large digital automatic biochemical immune line, blood dialysis system and a series of high-end medical equipments. We are the only municipal hospital who has established a modern pharmacy with drug dispensing system and intravenous drug allocation center, providing a full range of high quality health care services.

Our operation department is about 3450 square meters, with 3 100-level operation rooms, 15 10000-level operation rooms, and five of them are the most advanced integrated digital operation rooms in China which are DSA operation room, cardiac operation room, hybrid operation room which is qualified for one-stop hybrid procedures. Those operation rooms are equipped with high-end extracorporeal circulation cardiac surgery equipments, electronic choledochoscope, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic resection system, surgical microscope, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, S.O.S laryngoscope, atmospheric pressure trajectory lithotriptor and holmium laser lithotripsy, energy platform, plasma cutter, imported ultrasonic knife, high-frequency electric  surgical knife and a series of the most advanced equipments which are the most advanced facilities and modern operation rooms in Xi'an.

In our hospital, we have one specialist has been awarded “Special government allowances of the State Council” , one specialist has been awarded " outstanding contribution expert" , one specialist is known as Shaanxi 35 talents in the new era”, 11experts are also serve as chairmen of the Chinese Medical Association, National Provincial and Mmunicipal Professional Association, vice chairmen, members of the Standing Committee. Xi'an stomatological hospital attached to our hospital.Xi’An NO.3 Hospital isofficially as teaching hospital of medicine college of Yan’An University in April 2017.

In our general hospital, we have all kinds of specialized departments, including diagnosis and treatment for digestive disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, obstetrics and gynecology diseases, orthopedics disease, infectious disease, pediatric diseases, tumor, trauma oral treatment as well as clinical advantages in the field of minimally invasive endoscopic treatment,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, emergency treatment and rehabilitation.

Our hospital insist in developing specialized technology as its scientific thoughts, and encourage and support all the potential specialists and experts. Develop our hospital in accordance with the "fully support the specialized departments, technology and experts" and focus on trauma emergency, emergency rescue, chest pain, stroke and specialized health care services. With advanced technology, our hospital will take the lead in the establishment of smart digital medical information system, and the formation of an integrated platform for interoperability. Optimizing treatment process, expanding the service mode, strengthening medical quality management and innovative lean management mode, enhancing the connotation of quality, providing high-quality, efficient and convenient medical and health services to more and more medical people, to build the hospital with all-round quality management, cost control, three-dimensional digital medical services.

Xi 'an No. 3 Hospital will take "life first, service first, loving our hospital, devoting to work, being realistic, innovating" as her spirit concept, and take "morality, erudition, humanity, outstanding" as her mottoand adhere to the service spirit “the life, the health and the safety of the patient is above all", implementing JCI certification standards, to build the standard management mode. In accordance with the high quality of health care services and hospital culture, our hospital will set sail and has a bright prospection.